We offer manufacturing a wide spectrum of stamps. At manufacturing stamps we use high-quality production COLOP. Below you will find the prices for separate positions if you need stamp of other size, call 7227843, or send inquiry on email: info@dives.lv
COLOP Pr10 (27x10) - 7,00 LVL
COLOP Pr30 (47x18) - 10,00 LVL
COLOP Pr40 (59x23) - 12,00 LVL
COLOP R40 (38mm) - 20,00 LVL
* All prices not include VAT (18%). * Design of stamps - from 10 LVL. * 1 EUR = 0,702804 LVL.
For making desicion what size of stamp you need you can use COLOP stamps catalogue (links below):