Operative polygraphy (~24hours)
Exclussive polygraphy (from 1 pcs)
Posters of the size up to B0 + (also on a rigid basis - plastic)
Business cards (including fullcolored)
Congratulatory cards and invitation
Gift cards, Booklets
Flaiers and leaflets
Various calendars (pocket, wall, desktop)
Envelopes, forms, the menu, a price sheets
Certificates, diplomas, certificates
Wobblers, labels, exclusive (limited) labels, packing of the label and stickers (vinyl or a paper)
Labels (for auto advertising, window aplications, for internal and outdoor applications)
Window applications, exhibition stands, reproduction and art projects (including on a canvas)
Photo wall-papers, photos up to B0 + the size (1,11m x up to 30m)
Banners (fullcolored on PVC fabrics)
Publicity boards
Light Boxes, tablets,drawings, schemes, schedules