Design studio DIVES offers cutting plotter service, manufacturing on precision cutting plotter various labels from vinyl ORACAL (different labels - letters, inscriptions, figures), tablets, design of window in shop, advertising on vehicles, etc. Vinyl ORACAL used for is durable, steady against climatic conditions, various colors (glossy, matte, metalic, holographic) are accessible. The detailed information 7227843 or by email:
The prices for plotter cutting various between - 7,00 - 20,00 LVL/m2
* All prices not include VAT (18%). * More information ask by phone 67227843 or email: . * 1 EUR = 0,702804 LVL.
Special offer for engineering (builders) firms and architectural bureaues - an information board or transparent (it is obligatory on each building object) in the size 0,8m x 1,0m on plastic 5 mm or banner film - 35,00 LVL + PVN.
At the order of 2 and more boards - a breadboard model (design) - FOR FREE. Boards of other size is possible. The information and the order -
* For choosing corect colors of the ORACAL film for your produstion you can choose chart: ORACAL COLOR CHART