Q: I need to print advertising urgently, it is more expensive?
A: No. Margins for promptness do not exist. Any work is carried out if necessary in maximal deadlines.
Q: We is geographically enough far from you... Whether work with your studio through the Internet Is possible?
A: Yes, we have an experience of similar work. In that case all details specified in correspondence by e-mail or post mail, preliminary variants of work are sent in file PDF (or, if necessary, in other format) to the customer and are discussed through e-mail. At last, the approved original-breadboard model can be sent by e-mail (if it small on volume), or post mail, FTP service if the necessary. If an end-product is not the original-breadboard model, but already printed product - we will send it using forwarding companies services.
Q: Whether there is at your studio a polygraphic base?
A: Yes. We print orders for own modern polygraphic base. It provides to us an opportunity TO GUARANTEE: high quality, is maximal deadlines of manufacture and the low price of production. The manager working with you, will organize passage of the order through all necessary technological chains (design, repro, press, post press processing, delivery).
Q: I need to print simply from my own made original-breadboard model (or a repro film)?
A: Yes. We can help you, print your production. We have an operational experience with advertising agencies which work by such principle (agency to us a breadboard model - we the printed products).
Q: In what terms you can make (print) production ordered by me?
A: We shall make your production in the shortest terms, depending on complexity of your project. Production is subjective for each product, therefore we recommend to coordinate terms with our manager. For an example we shall note, that manufacture of usual polygraphic production - from 2 till 7 working days.
Q: Before to make the order, whether it is possible to receive consultation if it is possible to whom it is necessary to address?
A: Yes. For this purpose it is necessary for you to contact our manager and it will give consultation, certainly free of charge.
Q: What is necessary to you (probably any information, etc.) for creating design of a trade mark?
A: The following is necessary for creating design of a trade mark: the exact name of firm, the description of services given by firm, idea or your firm - philosophy, your desire. In the rest - a graphic embodiment of your ideas rely on our artists. We shall note, that basically trade mark you define cost, after the done work.
Q: I wish to make the booklet with set of photos, I should employ separately the photographer or you solve this problem?
A: No. You should not spend time for search of the photographer. Our photographer himself will arrive to you or we shall make shooting your production at ourselves in studio. The organization of shooting, and the manufacture of the booklet, takes on itself the manager of our firm. Therefore everything, that to you is necessary - to contact the manager.
Q: Whether you deliver the order or the client himself should take away it?
A: At will of the customer, we can deliver the order, delivery is free-of-charge. However if it is more convenient to client to take away the order from us at office - there are no problems.
Q: I wish to develop firm letters and business cards, with what me to begin?
A: To begin to you it is necessary from a call to our office where you agree about a meeting with our manager. Consider, that since this moment the problem is solved.
Q: I wish to develop a web a site for the firm with what me to begin?
A: For the beginning it is necessary for you to think up and check up a domain name (www.name.lv) for your site. Then to think up idea and content of your site. Then, address to us. However our experts can make all steps for you. Then for the beginning call to us.
Q: I need to make advertising in the newspaper, you can help me?
A: Yes. We shall develop design for you a breadboard model of advertising. However we do not render service of accommodation of advertising. Despite of it, we shall design a breadboard model of your advertising on the necessary carrier and you can address in any mass-media with a ready breadboard model. For convenience, we can store a breadboard model at ourselves and if necessary send its mass-media by e-mail. Main plus: we shall create uniform style of your advertising campaign in various mass-media, we shall organize if necessary photographing, and all this will be done by professionals.
Q: I don`t know what is the exact "A" size of my work only in mm, can you help me?
A: Yes. You can get the exact name in "A" format of your print work from our A-size format CHART. It`s strongly recomended for sending works to us use correct name of the format according to your print work in mm size. Thank you.