DIVES Reklama offers service of a digital press on the new digital equipment. The operative digital polygraphy - is especially favourable, when it is necessary for you qualitatively and quickly (~from 24h) to print small or average amount of prints. We offer a qualitative digital press for prints from 1 copy (the amount of prints is limited only by an economic component). At manufacturing your prints our experts will help to solve what technology of a press more favourably - to print on our offset equipment or (considering aspect of speed or small amount of prints) on our digital equipment. An opportunity quickly to print of the highest quality, personification (variable data on prints), a press in view of special needs of the customer, a press of several versions of products - all this does a digital press unique. Now we can offer you all: quality, and speed.
The digital operative polygraphy conditionally, on a way of production and application, shares on: a digital press and a large-format press.

Digital printed equipment DIVES Reklama represents a digital press of format A3 + for high-quality (offset quality) printing goods. The basic application of the given technology - operative polygraphy of small and average prints from 1 copy.

Large-format digital printed equipment DIVES Reklama is intended for a press high-quality (photoquality 2800dpi) large-format printing goods of a format up to B0 +. The basic application of the given technology - a press of small printing goods of polygraphy of a small and big format from 1 copy.

Our experts are always ready to help you with a choice of technology of a press adequating to your needs. With us you can be in time, even when for manufacture of circulation there were some hours!
Also you can get information about digital printing cost from DIVES Digital Printing price list (in latvian).
Also you can get information about LARGE FORMAT digital printing cost from DIVES Large Format Digital Printing price list (in latvian).
Information about special offer for printshops and advertising agencies for digital printing you can get from DIVES offer for advertising agencies in Digital Printing (in latvian).
Also we could send to you samples of digital printing quality by postmail upon request. Request on sending samples send by email: info@dives.lv with Your name, phone, adress where to send samples of digital print.