Digital printed equipment DIVES Reklama represents a digital press of format A3 + for high-quality (offset quality) printing goods. The basic application of the given technology - operative polygraphy of small and average prints from 1 copy.
For example you need to print urgently business cards (including fullcoloured in small amount), congratulatory cards, invitation, booklets, flyers and leaflets, various calendars (pocket, wall, desktop), envelopes, forms, the menu, a price sheets, wobblers, labels, posters, labels and stickers, any polygraphy fullcolored CMYK a press, operatively, high offset quality and amount of print goods from 1-st copy - all this a digital press.
The size of maximal print size A3 + (A3 with allowances), speed of a press up to 2000 prints / at an hour. Besides it the digital polygraphy gives opportunities of a press of variable data (personification) allows to increase efficiency of advertising in 5 times!
It is necessary for you 50 invitation or 100 fullcolored visitcards - without problems we shall help you, and operatively. All after printing processing on our polygraphic base also is accessible: it is sharp, folding, spiral binding, stiching with paper clip, gluing, cutting, UV coating, lamination, etc.
Cost of a print of format A3+: 0,50-0,75 Ls/page. + VAT (18%) (on complex orders of the discount)

More detailed information on cost, assortment of a paper and also to pick up the correct polygraphic decision - address to our experts in DIVES office.